Bandana Bonnets - Horse/Cob/Draft sizes

$ 9.00

This album is Horse size (5" poll & 6" ear), Draft/Warmblood size (6" poll & 8" ear), and Cob size (6" poll & 6" ear) paisley printed bonnets, each equine size will have their own album depending on availability..  

(If you need a smaller poll width for an Arabian, Morgan, or Welch size horse, please order the Welch size bonnet which measures (4" poll and a 5" ear height) 

Horse riders and owners of all persuasions can protect their pets from biting flies with an Ear Me Now Fly Bonnet. Great price for an American made product. Each bonnet is cut individually from a regular 22” bandanna. Most of the bandannas are made from a Cotton blend, which makes them cool and light to be worn under or over your bridle. No more head shaking or irritation on those warm summer days.. The attention and conversations you will get on the trails are worth the price of admission…

The bonnets come in a wide variety of colors. If you need Donkey size please email your order to, the prices are different for these unique sized equine.