Cut Sew your Material Posted on 30 Jun 11:16

Our cut sew operation goes like this,  you send your material to us and we transform it into bonnets or helmet covers.

Bonnets made from:

Cotton material $6.00
Bandannas $5.00
Spandex Blend Bonnet $8.00
Spandex Blend helmet covers $10.00.
This will cover the additional sewing time, string ties and elastics for the helmet covers.

1/2 yard of cotton will make:
two horse size Bonnets
two draft size bonnet
one mule size bonnet
four mini/shetland size bonnet

1/2 yard of spandex blend:
two horse size bonnets or
one horse size & one helmet cover
two draft size bonnets or
one draft size & one helmet cover
one mule size bonnet
four mini/shetland size bonnet or two Bonnets & one helmet cover

Mail your material to:
Ear Me Now Fly Bonnets
380 Cardinal Hill
Hayden Alabama 35079

Thank you!

LaClaire Crouch

Ordering from you Smart Phones Posted on 28 Jul 15:50

When placing an order from your Smart phone can be a little tricky,  Select the photo of the bonnet you want, scroll to the bottom of the phone to the roller and roll to the bonnet number you have chosen and click on the item bar for the final selection...  Just clicking on the photos will not select the correct bonnet in your cart..   You have to click at the bottom on the item number bar in order for the bonnet to hit your cart... 

Happy Shopping..

Welcome to Ear Me Now Fly Bonnets Posted on 18 Dec 07:58

We welcome you to our page and invite you to ask questions or try out any of our products. We welcome wholesale customers as well as individuals customers.

We began our adventure in 2001 and have steadily grown. We added a few new items to our inventory in 2015 like English stirrup covers and Safety products for night vision and hunter safety. In 2016 look for Doggy Dannas, Body Koolerz and other new items.

Look around the products and see what may interest you! If you have a question you can call 205-612-6736 anytime.